Trusting In God For Your Marriage

Who are you trusting in when things go wrong in your marriage? Are you trusting in self, or perhaps you go running to family and friends, explaining your side of the story? Some of us go running to therapists, counselors, divorce lawyers, and strangers on the street. But we seldom run to God.

Many of the people we go running to in times of marital troubles aren’t equipped in giving us proper advice and guidance. Most of them have had divorces themselves! How can someone fix our marital wounds when they can’t fix their own?

Most people mean well when they offer advice but is that advice really what your marriage needs? Family and friends are always bias toward your side of things. Anything you have to say about your spouse will be treated with such bias. Is that what you want, really?

Have you ever gone to the doctor with a certain ailment and the doctor sends you home with medicine to cover up the symptoms with? That’s what its like when we go running to family, friends, and counselors. I’m not saying we shouldn’t go to counselors, but what I am saying is, have you tried going to the Architect of marriage? Perhaps He can shed some light on your problems – do you think?

Why do people get sick with disease and illness? It is because they are putting something in the body, on a daily basis that it doesn’t like. The body is rejecting what it’s being given every day. For a healthy body we need to feed it nutritious building foods and then it will begin to heal itself. Whole foods in their pure form are what the body REALLY needs.

It is the same with marriage. Marriages fail because couples in marriage are getting fed lies and deceit from the world, and they believe it! The institution of marriage is rejecting what it is being given on a daily basis. For a healthy marriage we need to make the Designer of marriage a priority in our lives and let Him feed us with His truths. Christ-like principles are what marriage REALLY needs.

Don’t treat your marriage like everyone else does. Go to the Inventor of marriage. If you want a chocolate bar, you wouldn’t go to the hardware store to get it, would you? Where would you get your chocolate bar? The corner mini mart or the grocery store, right? But you still have to ask this question, where did that chocolate bar come from, originally? It came from the factory, but where did the factory get it? From the cocoa bean!

If it doesn’t come from the cocoa bean then its not real chocolate – it’s a fake. Look for the fruit, or in this case look for the cocoa.

It’s impossible to manufacture a REAL chocolate bar without first starting from the cocoa bean. ALL chocolate comes from the cocoa bean – it is its source. ALL people come from God – He is our Source! Chocolate makes a candy bar, which comes from the cocoa bean. Couples in marriage – a man and a woman, make a marriage, which come from the Creator!

My point? God created and designed marriage. He is the Master Architect! So then why are we not trusting in God for our marriage? All the principles for a healthy, abundant and blessed filled marriage derive from the Source and Creator of marriage – God our Lord and Creator of the universe has already given us everything we need to be fulfilled in our marriage.

All you have to do is put those blessings into action, and you do that by trusting in God. Trusting in God takes more than “saying what we’re going to do”. We actually need to change our way of thinking and attitude and be the people that God created us to be FOR OUR MARRIAGE. It’s a personal discovery, really. It’s a renewal of heart and mind – a transformation.