Where is God When Things are Going Wrong?

“For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened,
and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”
Genesis 3:5

Many of us understand that the serpent came to Eve in the Garden and tempted her to question God’s Word: “Has God indeed said…?” (Genesis 3:1). However, that was only half of his line of attack. In addition to casting doubt on God’s Word, the serpent called into question God’s character. In essence, he said, “If you do what God forbids you to do — eating the forbidden fruit — you’ll become equal to God. Why do you think He has forbidden you to do it? Because He doesn’t want what’s best for you. He wants to keep the best for Himself.”

The devil’s tactics haven’t changed over the centuries. He still attacks us at the points of trying to get us to question God’s Word and His character. As Christians, most of us are on guard against the questioning of God’s Word, but we are often less vigilant about not questioning His character.

Ever say (or even think), “Where was God when such a tragedy took place? Why didn’t He intervene?” Or, “God says He loves me, so why is my life falling apart? He sure has a strange way of showing love.” How about, “I’ve prayed, I’ve pleaded, and I’ve fasted. Why hasn’t God answered?” Finally, haven’t we all said/thought at some time, “Life just isn’t fair”?

Let me address the last comment first: Absolutely, life is NOT fair! However, the second half of that equation declares, But God is GOOD — ALL the time! Those aren’t just empty words, folks. God really is good — all the time, regardless of circumstances. Life isn’t fair. It brings disappointments, trials, and tragedies, whether we’re walking with God or not. And sometimes it stinks. But none of those situations changes God’s character one iota! He is good because He’s God, period. Goodness simply does not exist apart from Him, and it cannot be separated from Him. When we get that great truth settled in our mind, the other questions will be settled as well:

    * Where was God when the tragedy struck? Right where He always is — on His throne.
    * If God loves me, why is my life falling apart? Because He’s God and infinitely wiser and more loving than we are. If we can’t make sense out of a situation, it’s because our understanding is limited, not because God is failing to do the right thing. Whatever He does is right, simply because He is God!
    * I’ve been praying and pleading and fasting; why hasn’t God answered? Perhaps He has and we just didn’t hear or understand Him. Or perhaps because God is timeless but we are trapped in time, we just haven’t arrived at His answer yet. Because He is God, we can trust that His timing and His answers are always right.

In all the years I’ve walked with God (nearly forty now), I’ve never known Him to be weak, dishonest, unfaithful, late, or wrong. His character has proven to be true, even as has His Word. When someone comes to me and complains that something is going wrong in his or her life and then implies that it is God’s fault, I can only assume that person has yielded to the serpent’s temptation to question God’s Word or His character.

Beloved, if we want to walk in victory in this life, we must first settle in our hearts and minds, ONCE AND FOR ALL, that God’s Word AND His character are true and good and changeless. Only then, when the winds of adversity blow (and they will!), can we stand strong and proclaim the Name above all names, the Name of the One who walks with us through the fire, and carries us when we have no strength to stand.

God is good — ALL the time! May it be your proclamation today and always!