Beginning Recovery: What are You Waiting For?


It’s that simple. After all the planning and anticipation, you have to turn the crank the first time.

Without knowing what will happen or where it all will lead, you begin.

I used to think these beginnings should be a big deal, with some sort of grand official sendoff. Simply starting seemed anti-climatic.

Now, though, I sort of like it. I like the notion that you start by starting. It doesn’t require a ceremony or a permit or a “ready-set-go.”

I think we often fail because we wait for a formal beginning that never happens. I know folks who wait patiently for someone to tell them to go on a mission trip because they don’t feel qualified. They wait for others to invite them to help the seniors with their yard work. They see a need and wonder why the leaders don’t address it.

They wait for the starter to fire the pistol, because that’s how a race begins–right?

Except, life’s not a race. Life begins when someone decides it’s time to begin.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s quit waiting and get started.