Bad Company – Dealing with a Rebellious Teenage Son

“We are hurting and dealing with crisis within our four walls, we are searching for someone to help us work thru this mucky, muddled mess. We have poured our lives into our son, and now we are being faced with one of the most heart-ripping experiences a parent can face. What do we do next with our angry, rebellious, hurting kid?”

That’s how a family recently contacted me about their teenage son. When we talked on the phone, they began to tell me about their son’s rebellion; how it kicks in the minute he leaves their front door and then accelerates to a higher level when confronted about his peer-influenced behavior when he returns home. The parents were obviously tired, not able to control their teen, and they were ready to quit. Their question to me was, “Why is our son being so rebellious?”

From their description, I had reason to think he really wasn’t rebelling at all. His behavior seemed to be rooted in other issues, though the influence of his peers was certainly making things worse. But the dad exploded in frustration, demanding how it could be anything else but rebellion? After all, his son had violated every principle they had ever taught him, every rule they set. He was irresponsible and, while always sorry for his actions, didn’t show much remorse for the impact his actions had on their family. Read More at One News Now…..