Family Info & Help

Family relationships can be very challenging at times. It is important to approach difficulties prayerfully. The Christians in Recovery Web site is loaded with hundreds of pages of information and files designed to help you learn and to equip you.

You are not alone! God can and will help you overcome your situation.

Talk with others who are in recovery. Learn how they overcame.
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Communicate with others who are helping loved ones and with those who have recovered. Ask questions and get answers from people who can share their own experience, faith, strength and hope. Go to CIR meetings: Meeting Schedule

Excellent Booklets to help you:
1) Communication and Conflict Resolution
Within these pages you will find biblical ways to resolve conflict and communicate effectively.

2) Biblical Counseling
Biblical counselors have been trained to utilize the Bible in a
counseling context by applying practical and hopeful biblical
principles to real life situations and problems. Christians who
find they are struggling with various problems need an understanding
of the awesome resources available in biblical solutions that offer real
hope and practical help.

3) Husbands and Fathers
Helps men define discipleship with their families. Learn how to be a godly father and head of your household. Authored by Mark Shaw.

4) From Pride to Humility
Pride is a form of self-worship and is often at the root of dysfunctional
behavior as well as addiction. These pages describe the various
manifestations of pride and how to learn true humility.