How is Your Relationship with God?

Why are some people afraid to get close to God or have a meaningful relationship with him? I think it is because when we sin, or when we commit habitual sin in our lives, we feel guilty over it. God has equipped every one of us with a conscience for this very reason. A guilty conscience is a warning signal that goes off in the mind, letting us know that we have done wrong. The problem is people try to eradicate those guilty feelings without eradicating the cause of it. But this is like taking painkillers instead of treating the disease.

God wants us to get to the root of why we sin so we can eliminate it from our lives. We ought to be thankful to God that most of us can discern when we sin and be aware of right and wrong, so we can finally ask for God’s forgiveness and correct the wrong doing in our life. But what happens when we do not have a relationship with God?

I believe that without a relationship with God, we’ll sin even more, and maybe even do things that we know we shouldn’t. By not having a connection with the Living God we actually think we can hide from God when we fail Him. But since God is omnipotent it doesn’t quite work like that. We can never hide ourselves from God. Some of us are afraid to show ourselves to God because we think we are not worthy of His love. But you are! Know that you were made special and are a very special and unique person in the eyes of God.

God’s Son, Jesus Christ opens the way for us to have a special relationship with Him. But our natural responses to getting to know Jesus are fear because we feel we cannot live up to God’s standards of living. But this is what’s so magnificent about God’s unconditional love for us; He “really” does love us regardless of our faults! Let’s show God how much we love Him and get to know Him better. Our connection to God will be as strong as our willingness to give up whatever is holding us back now. We can have a strong and growing relationship with Jesus Christ because He loves us no matter what, and we are worth it!