When You are in a Dark Place

One evening recently a dear friend and I sat talking about the fact that though she was praying and seeking God for clear direction, she seemed to receive no answer and couldn’t “see” the way she was supposed to go. As I listened to her, it became clear to me (isn’t it always easier to see/hear God’s direction for someone else than for ourselves?) that God had her exactly where she was for a specific purpose. She was unable to see where God wanted her to go next because He had called her to hide (and rejoice!) for a season under the shadow of His wings.

Ever been there? I have—and I resisted it. I don’t like being in dark places. I want to see clearly the path before me. But on occasion, for varying reasons, God calls us to come underneath the protective shadow of His wing where, like helpless chicks seeking the protection of the mother hen, we are drawn close to our Protector’s breast. There, IF we are willing to wait and to listen, we will rejoice to hear the heartbeat of God.

Because You have been my help,
Therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.
Psalm 63:7

What better direction, protection, or provision can there be? None! If we are tuning in to God’s heartbeat, we will soon know exactly where He wants us to go, what He wants us to do, and how He wants us to live. Yes, it is dark in that secret place, but it is the purposeful darkness of God, not the dangerous darkness of the enemy. God calls us to His heart so we can block out all else and learn to walk in obedience to His marching orders.

John, the youngest of Jesus’ disciples, discovered his identity and purpose at the Last Supper, when he leaned up against the breast of Christ. It was there that he heard the heartbeat of God. Since it is believed by many that this same John was the author of the Gospel of John, it is clear that from that point of deep connection with Jesus, John began to perceive and refer to himself as the “disciple that Jesus loved.”

That’s our true identity, folks. Kathi Macias is my temporary name on this earth, but my real identity and purpose is found in the fact that I am the disciple Jesus loves. And so are you. But we only come to the place of being able to rejoice in that fact when we willingly abide in the shadow of His wing, listening to His heartbeat until we are ready to respond with “Yes, Lord” to whatever direction He gives.

May you rejoice in the shadow of God’s wing as you listen to His heartbeat—and then walk in the truth of your identity and calling, whatever that may bring!