Letting Go of the Scale in Eating Disorder Recovery

What does the number on the scale say about you? When you really think about it, it’s only a number and doesn’t hold much meaning. It probably doesn’t feel that way. Weighing yourself may be a normal part of your day. In the end, though, that number does not and will not define you. No matter if that number goes up or down, you will still be the same you.

Perhaps your treatment team needs to monitor your weight. Even so, you don’t have to weigh yourself. You don’t have to know the number. There are enough challenges in eating disorder recovery, so please try not to let that number be among them. There is so much more to the recovery process, so much to learn about ourselves and about our relationship with God. Please try not to allow the number on the scale to distract you from any of that.

Depending on how often you weigh yourself, would you consider skipping a weight check for a week, a day or one of your weigh-ins in a day? Does that sound like a scary idea? If it does, I encourage you to consider how you can let go of the number on the scale through Christian eating disorder recovery.

Examine why you are so focused on the number on the scale. Does it take your attention away from an underlying issue of the eating disorder that you find difficult to face? Is weighing yourself part of the control that you feel you get through the eating disorder? I encourage you to pray and ask God to show you why the number on the scale is so important to you. You may also want to discuss what ties you to that number with your dietitian, counselor or other member of your treatment or support team.

Consider what can take the place of that number. Perhaps you think you would feel lost without knowing it, but if you are a child of God, you have access to the strength you need to let go of the number on the scale. And in letting go, you can allow God to show you what can take its place. A practical suggestion may be to call a friend, pray or have scriptures to meditate on during the time you would normally weigh yourself.

In Christian eating disorder recovery, you can find the strength you need to do whatever it takes to recover. His power is available to you in all matters of eating disorder recovery, even letting go of the number on the scale.