Where Are You Going?

I once knew a guy who went on a road trip with the express purpose of traveling rather than arriving. He was determined not to be driven by a destination, so whenever there was a choice of which way to go he turned left. I suspect it was a politically motivated scheme, but he had a pretty interesting trip anyway. He probably missed some interesting sights, but he also saw some things he might have otherwise passed up.

This week our pastor (Jeff Lucas) talked about “the God of the journey.” He observed that God is always about moving, going somewhere, and that He doesn’t just sit back and point like a celestial traffic cop. In Jesus He actually journeys with us.
Following Jesus is about a journey.

Mostly I think we’re just traveling, making the best possible choices at each turn, and trusting that somehow the whole thing will make some sense when we look back.

But we’re all on some sort of journey.

Jeff read the story from Exodus 3 in which Moses noticed a bush in the desert, burning for no apparent reason. He observed that the fire didn’t consume the branches, which is odd enough, but then he approached and the plant spoke—well, God spoke from the flames.

After a preamble in which God introduced Himself and explained His plan, He gave Moses a simple, three-word command. In verse 10 He said, “So now, go.”

I don’t think those words were intended solely for one desert nomad.

Moses didn’t want to go. He protested and listed reasons why he was the wrong man for this job. He was certain that God could find a more suitable leader. And God continued to say, “So now, go.”

We’re a lot like that. I imagine myself in a perpetual state of, “Who, me?” Surely He can’t mean that I’m supposed to go.

I suspect I’m not the only person who’s certain that God has much more capable, qualified candidates. We’re all pretty good at listing the reasons why we’re not the right person for the job.

Many readers of this blog face significant physical challenges. Walking is difficult or impossible. Barriers and obstacles abound, and there’s no shortage of reasons not to go.

I think He’s saying the same thing to each of us—regardless of circumstances. Perhaps, like me, “going” mostly means sending electrons out into cyberspace and trusting that they’ll reach the right audience. Perhaps it’s a mission trip. But maybe it’s just touching the people in your workplace, or spending time with your family, or reaching out to a neighbor.

I don’t know where He calls you to go—heck, I don’t even know where He calls ME to go. But He gave each of us unique gifts, talents, and passions. I don’t believe that’s an accident.

Unfortunately, God rarely addresses us from burning shrubbery. We have to listen carefully, seek the Spirit’s gentle guidance, and determine our best sense of where we’re called to go.

But none of that matters if we respond with, “Who, me?”

“So now, go.”

Where are you going?”