Marijuana Facts

What Are the Effects of Marijuana?
People smoke marijuana because it elevates their mood and relaxes them. Depending on the level of THC, users may also experience euphoria, hallucinations and paranoia.

What are the Hazards of Using Marijuana?
Some of the common discomforts found when using marijuana include dry mouth, swollen eyelids, bloodshot eyes, loss of coordination and an accelerated heart rate.

Short-term Hazards include:

    Anxiety and paranoia
    Impaired memory
    Difficulty in thinking
    Learning difficulties
    Lack of attention and focus
    Poor driving skills
    Long-Term Hazards Include:
    Respiratory problems
    Heightened risk of infections, especially the lungs
    Poor short-term recall
    Inability to shift attention normally
    Inability to understand complex information
    An increased risk of developing lung, head and neck cancers
    Lack of motivation
    Decreased sperm count in men
    Irregular menstruation in women

Is Marijuana Addictive?
Long-term marijuana abuse can lead to addiction for some people. Drug craving and withdrawal symptoms can make it hard for long-term marijuana smokers to stop abusing the drug. People trying to quit report irritability, sleeplessness, and anxiety. They also display increased aggression.