I Am Grateful

Abba, You know our hearts. These past few days of reflecting upon where I am in my relationship with You has left me recognizing that I have SO, SO far to go!

I am very grateful that You are merciful in addition to being righteous.

I am grateful that You love us so much that You were willing to pay the price to keep us from being separated from You forever.

I am grateful that You are faithful to forgive us our sins when we ask with repentant hearts.

I am grateful that You give us the ability to turn from our sins.

I am grateful that You never allow us to be tempted without providing a way of escape.

I am grateful that You know we are but dust of the earth even though we are also the crown of Your creation.

May we ever be mindful of how much You have given us and of how undeserving we truly are.

YHVH, please touch every person reading this. Touch them and their loved ones.

May they recognize who they truly are in You and how very much You love them.

May they start this new Year with the joy of knowing that their names have been written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from the foundation of the world to forever.

May those who are sick be healed by Your touch.

May those in need see Your provision.

May those who are hurting know Your comfort.

May those who are struggling know Your strength.

May those who are fighting inner battles know Your compassion.

May those who are blessed be thankful and may they let others know of how You have blessed them.

YHVH, please show us our sins, both of commission and of omission.

May we not see good and neglect to do it.

May we not see bad and run to it.

Sanctify us, O Lord!

Purify us!

Mold us and shape us into the people You have created us to be!

Thank You that You never leave us, forsake us or give up on us!

I pour out all of these things from my heart b’shem Yeshua.

~ prayer from Yeshuas Abigail