When Hope is Lost

Many of us have been taught that hoping only brings about disappointment. Because of hopes dashed in the past. The promises we believed were broken. We were left feeling like fools for ever hoping in the first place. We stay in a constant state of fear of losing it all in an instant. Fear of hoping against hope. Fear of having your hopes crushed. Everything we live is a learning experience. There is no failure. There is only an attempt that didn’t turn out as expected. In living life this way, we can hope after experiencing a loss. Our focus and energy is simply redirected. With every risk we take, we are teaching ourselves. Giving ourselves the gift of learning how to try and how to fail so that we can try again with more wisdom. We are teaching myself about succeeding.

There is no worse feeling than the feeling of losing hope. When we lose hope, it can be like driving into fog. We wonder where we’re going and where we’ll end up. Without hope the soul enters into a darkness that at times becomes impenetrable. But one think about the dark, the smallest amount of light, will make it disappear.

You can literally see it when one someone loses hope. The pain of hopeless can hurt so badly that a person will try almost anything to escape it. That’s why some people who have lost hope abuse drugs or alcohol just to escape the pain. But that is no solution.

We all have rainy days in our life. We know the feeling so well. Sometimes we’re just a little low while some other times we’re so depressed and it makes us feel like we lost all ways to believe in ourselves. We lost hope. Some of us who have buried dreams we had some years ago. Now mind you, perhaps some dreams need to die.

So what do you do when you lose hope?

You simply don’t. You keep on going. No matter how difficult things look, you keep going. Especially if it is your dream! You will get there. Sometimes things can get so bad, things may seem hopeless. But, life isn’t always what it seems to be. You may not have gained what you wanted or lost something you valued whether possession, relationship and consider that life worthless without but there is always a tomorrow and who knows what it will bring, there can be new goals for you to achieve, a new person to look for-perhaps that is one of the aspects of hope-expecting to find what’s just around the corner. When you lose hope, you lose life. You lose the driving force that keeps you moving

Hope sets the goal for some future event to come to pass. Whether you realize it or not, you have the power to hope for something better. When you focus on what’s happening in your life and hope sets in you will begin to dream. We are all equipped with the mechanisms of hope, so there is no excuse. Transcending reality is the hard part. You need some kind of goal to set for yourself, so hope for something. Then move toward it. Don’t let your lack of hope create a fear in you from attempting to live again.

Hope is what we hold in our heart when we want to believe our sorrows will end eventually. Hoping is waiting for a better perspective. Hope is never giving up. While some people believe that hope is just a way of ignoring the reality, which is completely not true, others find straight in it. Hope is what allows us to continue to look for opportunities. Clouds will always appear. Even the most perfect sunny days may get really cloudy sometimes. Giving up and losing hope is what the weak people do by not being able to face a bad moment. And being in denial when it comes to the bad moments in life is what can be called ignoring the reality.

There’s no such thing as perfect. Don’t focus your energy on wanting to reach perfection. Be realistic and keep your resources for the bad moment which inevitably will appear. Keep faith, it can make wonders. When you’ll see the difference in you, you’ll really understand the power of believing and always hoping for the best

Hope can be medicine for your soul. Are you stuck in a terrible situation? Begin to hope for things to change. Recognize what it is that you want to change and begin dreaming about it. Think about the underlying emotions that rise into your consciousness when you do. What feelings do you feel? Doesn’t it make you feel better? The only problem is staying in that state. You need to foster hope and make it grow. You do this by remembering the hope day after day and entertaining it in your imagination. What do you dream about? Begin hoping for it by seeing it in your minds eyes. Hope for something better. Then take the actions that head you in that direction. If you want your situation to change, then start the journey toward that purpose, or you are destined to remain where you are. Hope is what gives you the strength to take the first step, and move out of your past. The past with no hope.

Hope is faith that at some point you will be experiencing a future dream. Whatever it is that you want to do if you hope for it, see it and begin to expect it you will eventually have it. You cannot reach your dreams if you don’t have one. You cannot build a better life if you don’t think about what it is you want and hope like crazy. Will you get it if you hope for it? No, but you will begin to move towards it and without that you will never get your dreams. Hope is the substance we use to lay down a blueprint for the future. It’s the part of us that was born into us or discovered as we grew older and it’s the real us surfacing up from underneath letting us know that we are really there.

Hope is what makes the difference between the survivor and the resigned, between the strong and the weak, between the winner and the loser.

Remember what you see is not always what is real. Hope forms a firm foundation for the future actions you wish to take. If you don’t do it… then your life will resemble pretty much what it does at present.

Today, why don’t you begin to hope and see what you find in your heart.