Grace Brings Context to Our Lives

The Grace of Jesus brings true context to our lives. If you examine your meaning by any other context, you cheapen your worth. Also, relationships viewed through the lenses of Grace take on an unalterable value. Apart from Grace we tend to use people and love things. Grace implores us to use things and love people!

The Word became a human being; we are his address; he resides in us! He captivates our gaze! The glory we see there is not a religious replica; he is the authentic begotten son. The glory (that Adam lost) returns in fullness! Only grace can communicate truth in such complete context! He is the source of our completeness.

Grace against grace! (Garin anti garitos, grace undeserved. Grace prevailed against the tide of darkness due to Adam’s fall. His fullness is the source of all that grace communicates as our portion, against all odds!) Against the stark backdrop of the law, with Moses representing the condemned state of mankind, Jesus Christ unveils grace and truth!(John 1:14b, 16, 17, The Mirror)

Love and Grace give truth its voice. The conversation that truth inspires creates the atmosphere wherein growth is both spontaneous and inevitable. The whole person is addressed in Christ who is the head of the body; he is the conclusion of God’s communication with man.”(Ephesians 4:15, The Mirror)

7 Since we are (fully represented) in him, his blood is the ransom that secures our redemption. His forgiving us our sins measures the wealth of his grace. 8 This grace shown towards us communicates a wisdom and discernment of our worth that completely surpasses any definition. 9 The secret is out! His cherished love-dream now unfolds in front of our very eyes. (Ephesians 1: 7-9, The Mirror)

All of these magnificent gifts are ours by way of Grace! “How great is the grace of God.” Father’s love gives the truth of Grace its voice in our lives.

Grace! What a declaration! What an unanswerable question that beckons a life long journey of seeking, searching, researching and being utterly amazed at how little we have yet discovered. Instead, we are left amazed by the moment by moment assaults it brings of authentic indescribable love.

Grace; five letters that explode into countless possibilities and experiences of help and hope. Grace seems to be right on the edge of heresy! And for the religionist, it is! Grace is so good, it defies comprehension or explanation. It seems surreal or even to be a “Divine Conspiracy” that appears to skirt our senses/judgments of right or fair. Grace compensates all the servants with the same wage, no matter when they arrived on the scene.

Grace is centered and anchored in the character of a Sovereign Loving God. It overtakes sin, failure, hopelessness and death. It surprises the recipient with forgiveness and innocence. It never rests and always flows from Heavenly Father’s heart toward any and all who would dare take Him up on it!

Grace is a conversation with Jesus that plumbs the depths of knowing and being known in secure safety! Grace opens the human heart to the discovery of identity, purpose, worth, destiny and restored innocence.

Grace! Do you dare partner with Grace in a journey into the endless dimensions of Christ’s Kingdom? Do you have the audacity to attempt life without Grace? Do you have the spiritual courage to believe the claims of Grace in the face of the challenges of the Goliath’s of religious taunting?

Grace is calling this generation like never before! What is your answer to Grace?