Ascending the Heights of Grandeur

Only in Papa can we ascend the heights of grandeur, while at the same time plumbing the depths of commonness. That sums up my journey in Christ. The expectations of greatness have far exceeded my wildest dreams or imaginations and the simplicity has astounded me — a simpleton (not meaning that in a self-deprecating way).

At times I’ve literally pinched myself to see if I was only imagining where I was being allowed to sojourn. And at other times I’ve slapped myself to make sure I wasn’t asleep at the wheel of life. I know you can track with me. You can, can’t you? Or am I the craziest of the King of Kings, Kingdom Kids?

The royal helpmate he gave me to share the journey with… the offspring (natural and spirit born) that have so far exceeded any dream I could have held for their life in Christ…the people he’s allowed me to walk with and know… the lifelong friends who have loved me through the ‘best and worst’ of times (you know who you are)… the exotic and also awful places on this planet I have followed him to… the absolutely insane investment he continues to make in my life… on and on it goes!

For God who said, Let light shine out of darkness, has shown in our hearts so as to beam forth the Light for the illumination of the knowledge of the majesty and Glory of God as it is manifest in the Person and is revealed in the face of Jesus Christ the Messiah. However, we possess this precious treasure, the divine Light of the Gospel in frail, human vessels of earth that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves. 2 Corinthians 4:6-7

2 Corinthians 4:6-7 (from Mirror Word) The light is sourced in the same God who said, “Light, be!” And light shone out of darkness! He lit the lamp in our understanding so that we may clearly recognize the features of his likeness in the face of Jesus Christ reflected within us. We have discovered this treasure where it was hidden all along, in these frail skin-suits made of clay. We take no credit for finding it there! It took the enormous power of God in the achievement of Christ to rescue our minds from the lies it believed.

The frail, human vessels we are contain the mystery hidden from the ages. Allow yourself to become broken again; enough, for the grandeur of the treasure to pour out on a dry and thirsty land/heart. May we take the lids off, whatever they are! May we burst forth as fountains and gushers of living water!

In the grip of a grand and simple Grace!