Bible Reading Plans

Why Read the Bible?
Many know more about magazines and novels–than what God has written! Many will read a novel from the beginning to the end, and what have you got? A head full of froth when you are done! But you cannot read the Bible — that solid, lasting, substantial, and satisfying food goes uneaten, locked up in the cupboard of neglect — while anything that man writes, a best-seller of the day — you greedily devour! ~ J. R. Miller

Remember, the Scriptures are your daily bread, not your daily crumbs. Read, meditate and apply what you have read to your daily life!

Think you can’t read the Bible in a year?

Yearly Reading Plans

Chronological Plan
Read the Bible in it’s Historical/Chronological Order

Read Genesis-Revelation in one Year

Read the New Testament in One Year

Read the Old Testament in One Year

Read New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs in One Year

Shorter Reading Plans

Psalms & Proverbs in 30 days

The Bible in 30 Days for New Christians

60 Day Bible Overview

90 Day Bible Overview

180 Day Bible Overview

Software to Create Your Own Custom Reading Plan (free)
ReadingPlannerWin_1.7 (Windows) || Bible Reading Planner (Windows)

If You Don’t Like Reading Plans
and like to wing it, just keep track of what you do read:

Chart What You Read
Record What You Read