Jim S., Former CIR Advisory Council & Board of Directors President

I was born in northeastern Ohio on May 6, 1933, moved to Arizona in 1946, attended school through college and graduated in 1955 with a B.S. Degree in Medical Technology. Got married to my dear wife on December 26, 1951. Through ROTC I entered the U.S. Air Force becoming a fighter pilot for ten years and a Contracting Officer for another ten years. Retired in 1975 as a Lt/Col after twenty years of service and moved back to Arizona. While in the Air Force I was stationed in Germany for three years as well as a three year tour in Iran as well as many overseas shorter trips. During my entire Air Force career I was an active alcoholic and got sober in 1974 through AA. I attended AA meetings regularly for ten years and still occasionally attend meetings. During that time I became a regular church goer and accepted Christ as my Savior in 1979. Shortly after that time I asked for and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and now attend a Pentecostal church where I have been for over 21 years.

I have completed certificate program in Chemical Dependency Counseling at the local Community College having completed 45 semester hours of study.

President of the Board of Directors of Christians in Recovery until 2013. Served on the Advisory Council until 2019.

Secretary of the Board of Teen Challenge of Arizona. I am also a teacher and staff trainer for T.C.

Member of the faculty of Turning Point Ministries – A ministry to provide training and materials for small group ministry for the local churches. Facilitate small groups at my church on a weekly basis.

A graduate of The Christ Quest Institute (3 year course) – Life Partners Christian Ministry – A Ministry for men who want to pursue Christlikeness and divorce-proof their marriages.