Psalm 151 (a Psalm of Addicts)

Prayer of Powerlessness
For the Twelve Steps. Do not destroy.

1 Almighty and Most Powerful God,
Why am I cursed with this addiction?
2 Your children starve in foreign lands
while my compulsion drives me
to want more and more.

3 All the day I long for my comfort.*
4 My thoughts are like a mountain stream
running wildly here and there,
quick and churning. What shall I do?

5 My cravings pull me under like a leaf in a whirlpool.
6 All my days are dismal and dark.
7 I cry for release from this torment.
8 I am weak. I have no resolve.
9 Like soft clay at the river's edge,
my resistance crumbles and I am engulfed again.

10 Lord, you are Mighty indeed.
11 In Your Presence I am like a leaf,
trembling on the winter branch.
12 I am a weak and trembling thing.
13 Feeble attempts to control my life
fail me time after time.

14 Remove my compulsion, O Lord.
25 Calm my cravings like a quiet pond.
16 Like a leaf floating on the forest pool,
let my thoughts drift to you.

17 You are my Rock and my Refuge, O Lord.
18 Your Strength is made perfect in my weakness.
19 Remove this curse, Almighty God,
and I will sing your praises throughout the land.
20 I will sing and give thanks in the temple.
21 And I will tell of your Might in countless gatherings.


* 51:3 my comfort - any compulsion or addiction such as
alcohol, drugs, food, money or material possessions.

* Selah - annotation probably referencing a pause.

~ by Anonymous member of Christians in Recovery®

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