Physical Health

Aging (Part 1)

A thorough discussion of the aging process.

Your Doctor is Not God

Once we are admittedly sick it is easy to set up the physician as god. Surrounded by his pills, surgical instruments, or other medical technology surely he has the power to make us well. Admittedly it is tempting for the physician to assume the role of deity. This is a false assumption.

Can Anyone Heal Me?

Many deeply committed Christians are using physicians as a substitute for Christ.

Providence in the End of Life Ethics

Many late twentieth century Christian ethicists are confounded by end-of-life ethical issues raised by medical technology. One of the contributing factors is that the increased technology of the last generation has generated moral dilemmas heretofore unknown.

Behavior or Disease?

When is an addiction or dysfunctional behavior a "disease?"

The Biblical Ethics of Transsexual Operations

What are the Biblical ethics of transsexual operations?

Sex Education and The Biblical Christian

What should the role of sex education be for the Biblical Christian?

A Foundation for the Diaconal Role in Sickness

What should the role of a pastor, recovery pro or counselor be in sickness?

The Physician, The Pastor, Psychotherapy, and Counseling

A thorough discussion of the role of physicians and pastors in psychotherapy and counseling from a Biblical perspective.

Average Life Expectancy, "What Is Truth?"

A discussion of life expectancy, physical health and abortion.

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