ACOA in the Workplace – Burnout Checklist

Are you an adult child of an alcoholic? This will help you to recognize signs of burnout.

    1. Are you constantly bothered by aches and pains?

    2. Are you often ill?

    3. Do you work overtime or take work home on a routine basis?

    4. Do you feel a responsibility to lighten the work load of your co-workers?

    5. Do you feel sensitive to or responsible for your supervisor’s mood/problems?

    6. Do you resort to manipulation to get things done?

    7. Do you avoid confrontation?

    8. Do you suppress your feelings about work situations?

    9. Do you become anxious about your supervisor’s evaluation of your performance?

    10. Do you take criticism personally?

    11. Do you dread going to work?

    12. Do you take pride in having a “beeper” and/or being on call?

    13. Are you fearful of a clients anger or disapproval.

    14. Do you seek companionship from your clients.

    15. Do you feel like a failure if your clients are unsuccessful?

    16. Do you feel that your work is just never quite good enough?

    17. Are you self-medicating with alcohol, drugs,food, gambling,spending or sex?

    18. So you have difficulty in listening and following directions?

    19. Is it difficult for you to delegate responsibility?

    20. Do you resist negotiation?

    21 Do you have trouble seeing options?

    22. Do you tend to procrastinate?

    23. Are you fearful of taking initiative?

    24. Do you isolate at work?

An answer of yes to 3 or more of these questions indicate that your past role in a dysfunctional family is being reactivated in a work environment similar to that of your family of origin.