Thank You for Loving Us

“I am Adonai your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, where you lived as slaves.” Deuteronomy 5:6 CJB

Abba, You are God. There is no one else.
No one can take Your place.

No one can do what You have done.
No one can do what You are doing.
No one can do what You will do.

No one can BE You!

I thank You and I praise You that You, the Creator and L-rd of the whole universe, have revealed Yourself to us mere mortals.

You are holy. We are earthy.

You are perfect. We are so, so, very imperfect.

You are only Light. We have darkness every time we sin.

Your ways are best. Our ways are…well…definitely NOT best!

Thank You for loving us.
Thank You for creating us and for wanting relationship with us.
Thank You for not making us just puppets.
Thank You for giving us the capability of loving You back.

I am amazed, Abba. I am astounded.

You are everything and we are nothing! Yet, in Your eyes, we are everything! How can this be?

In Your eyes we are:
worth dying for
worth suffering for
worth crying over
worth shepherding
worth parenting
worth leading
worth guiding
worth providing for
worth welcoming to Your side and into Your heart
worth walking alongside of
worth living inside of
worth becoming one of us
worth knowing how many hairs are on our heads
worth holding close to Your heart
worth comforting
worth giving wisdom to
worth listening to
worth talking to
worth writing to
worth giving Your Shalom to
worth giving Your Son to
worth being faithful to
worth teaching
worth showing
worth having as the apple of Your eye.

I thank You, Adonai, that You are Creator and we are not.
I thank You that there is only one G-d…YOU!
I thank You for delivering each and every one of us from our own Egypts.
I thank You for delivering each and every one of us from our bondage and slavery to sin.
I pray that all would see this amazing gift You have given to us and would accept it…would believe it…would confess it.

May we love You as much back.
May we be as faithful back.
May we be as willing to suffer and die for YOU!
May we walk in the Light as Your children.

b’shem Yeshua

~ by Yeshuas Abigail