Roaring Like a Mouse

On a clear summer day, my family and I walked an abandoned railroad track through the countryside. Sulfur yellow butterflies flickered over the tall weeds. Red-winged blackbird sentinels called out to one another as we passed from one bird’s territory to the next.

Panting, her liver-colored tongue hanging low, our old dog simply tried to keep up. But the children explored everywhere, collecting lavish bouquets of wildflowers, and picking up rocks and rusty artifacts left behind by the iron horse that once rumbled through the farmlands.

Joel, my 11-year-old, stooped to pick up an old plank but was stopped by a frightened squeak. Beneath the board was a mouse nest. Mama mouse was lying on her side nursing several babies.

The babies continued to nurse, eyes shut, oblivious to the danger. But the mother saw. She looked up at the giant boy and dog, her beady eyes bulging with sheer terror. She rose up on one tiny foot to dash away. Then paused.

Her choice was obvious: Run and save her little tail. Stay and protect her babies. And surely die.

She decided. She lay down. Come what may—monsters, curious boys, dogs, giants, or death—she would not abandon her babies.

Then she made her defense. She bared her teeth with the most ferocity two-inches of rodent could muster.

Frozen in time and memory, boy and dog stared with fascination at the tiny, brave warrior. Before I could utter, “Don’t touch!” Joel gently replaced the mouse family’s board roof and seized the dog’s collar.

Over the years, I’ve thought about that valiant mother mouse because I, too, have felt very small in defense of my children. My husband and I have long recognized that we are not the only influences upon our kids. At times, despite our best efforts to protect them, evil has ripped the roof off our home and threatened invasion. Television programs, music, movies, friends, books, fashion, drugs, alcohol, internet, pornography, magazines, illicit sex, you-name-it-everybody-is-doing-it—all has barged in.

Like the baby mice, my children’s eyes were usually closed to the danger. They would often argue in favor of things that would surely damage or destroy.

But their father and I could see what they could not. God gave us understanding—often born of bitter personal experience—to see the threat our children could not. For a reason: We were to protect them.

Evil is powerful. And sometimes it seems our fervent prayers are nothing more than baring our teeth in the face of evil. In the case of Mama Mouse, it was enough.

Strangely enough, in the case of evil, it is sometimes enough, too, because when we pray against evil in Jesus’ name, we do not pray alone. The Spirit intercedes with us and for us.

So when you and/or your house are under attack, when evil looms and threatens to overpower you, this is what your Defender and Deliverer says to you:

    Dearest child,

    When you make Me your protection, you confidently can say, “The LORD, the Almighty is my refuge and my fortress. I trust Him.”

    Like a mother bird covers her chicks, you will find safety under My “wings.” My faithfulness to you will be like a bulletproof vest and a bomb shelter—combined!

    Nightmares can’t harm you. So give me all your angst and worry. I care for you.

    Do be aware that your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for an opportunity to devour you. Resist him: he will flee! He runs because you are born of Me. You are my precious child.

    Remember: I am more powerful than he who is in the world (i.e. Satan and whatever bogeymen he can think up to scare you.) As your Father, I want to empower you to live life fully and fearlessly.

    Now let’s see you thrive in the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead!

    Your Father and Protector,


(Excerpts from Psalms 91:1-5, 1 Peter 5:7, James 4:7, 1 John 4:4, Roman 8:11)