He is All

You’re my music in the morning
You’re the joy that brings the dawn
You’re the sun that warms our faces
When the winter’s bearing on
Warm me ’til my lonely shivering
Heart’s inspired to kneel and pray
And I look to joyful dawning
On that final brightest day.

In tumultuous times of trouble
May we still Your songs employ
To dispel the growing darkness
That would all our faith destroy
When we feel our strength receding
May we still then seek Your face
In the midst of our heart’s bleeding
Send us oceans of Your grace.

You pour out Your sweet libations
Lord how great Thou truly art
Onto thirsty errant nations
Your sweet fragrance You impart
Lead us to the Living Water
Until all our fears have fled
And bestow Your manna presence
Until all our souls are fed.

On the evening of our journey
When the knock comes at the door
And we find the raven quothing
“Child awaken, nevermore”,
May we then flee to Your rafters
There escape the threshing floor
Leave the raven to the raptors
While our Captor’s love adore.

On the morning after mourning
When all heaven starts to sing
And we’re bathed in loud “Hosannas!”
Adorations to our King
May our voice grow ever louder
While on sea of glass we stand
As our past is ground to powder
Blown away by His command.

To the Alpha and Omega
To the Love that gifted Life
To the One who marched through history
Bearing burdens, stalking strife,
May Your name last on forever
‘Til our earth falls into sun
While on distant banks we gather
Where our river first begun.