Signs of Spiritual Attack

We have a very real enemy, Satan, who wants nothing more than to destroy our lives, our thoughts, our walks with Jesus (John 10:10). He, along with his hoard of demons,
roams the earth, seeking ways to wreak havoc on God’s kingdom (1 Peter 5:8).

Many Christians seem to be blindsided by Spiritual Attacks. When it comes to a spiritual attack, it is crucial to recognize the warning signs for survival:-

1. Loss of spiritual desire.
The goal of any spiritual attack is to turn you away from what God wants to do in your life. That is why the first warning sign of attack is a loss of spiritual desire.
We don’t live by feelings alone, but there is a difference between doing something merely out of obligation and doing something because you delight in it. When you delight in the Lord, nothing else compares. Someone passionate for God finds pleasure in the things of God.

2. Physical fatigue.
I know that doesn’t sound very spiritual, but keep in mind that we are created beings– spirit, soul, and body. If my body is weak, it allows things to get into my mind (soul), and that allows things to negatively affect my spirit. Many times we face our greatest attacks just before a great promotion or just after a great victory. Keep in mind when you’re going through it — an attack could very well be an indication that you are about to be promoted or just had a great victory.

4. A weakening prayer life.
This is the fourth sign that you are under spiritual attack. “Could you not watch with Me one hour?” Jesus asked His disciples. Then He told them, “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh
is weak”.

5. Pulling away from Godly relationships.
When old iniquities start tempting you, the next sign of spiritual attack is sure to follow: pulling away from Godly relationships. Have you pulled out of relationships with people at church or with people in your small group? Are more and more of your friends carnally minded rather than spiritually minded? If so, you are stumbling round the battleground and the enemy has a target on your head.

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