God’s Plan for Us: A Family of Love

Often, those of us who struggle with issues relating to your behavior, fail to realize that recovery is a process, not a goal that once reached we think that we do not have to put out an effort. Paul writes in 2 Timothy 4:7-8, that he has ran a good race, and finished the course, and have kept the faith. What a wonderful statement. Paul was describing the process of life.

Obedience to the God’s plan gained for him vs. 8 the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing. [but to all those who have had love for his revelation. – Bible in Basic English]. The revelation that Paul talks about is that life is a process requiring those who are struggling to stick to His plan. Unfortunately, many never even enter the race because they get stuck in their pride, which generates another problem “Pride in their humility,” which is definitely not part of His plan.

This pride of achievement,(thinking you have quit or change behavior on your own) is a byproduct that all addictions have in common, as if to say “Look at what I have done!”

From the very beginning, in the garden, God created the first family to share His love. A family with sons and daughters that were created in His image and likeness and at the same time could intimately relate with Him in such a way that would be satisfying to Him. Addictive behavior is not part of His plan.

Paul writes in Ephesians 1:3-5, “Praise be to the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who has given us every blessing of the Spirit in the heavens in Christ:” Vs. 4, Even as he made selection of us in Him from the first, so that we might be holy and free from all evil before Him in love: Vs. 5, “As we were designed before by Him for the position of sons to Himself, through Jesus Christ, in the good pleasure of his purpose.”

This seems like a straight forward plan, which does not include questionable behavior on our part.
Addictions that happened in Biblical times were spoken of as “demon possessions.” In Mark 5:1-20, Mark talks about Jesus and the disciples coming across the lake from the land of Israel, into Gentile territory, where the Gerasenes lived. Immediately we are introduced to estrangement and alienation, because Jesus and the disciples are aliens in this land.

It’s ironic that the first person they encounter there, in fact the only person described there, at least initially, is a man who is estranged that is alienated/separated from himself, and from God, and from his neighbors.

Essentially he is a man without a home. How many of us feel this hopelessness when faced with trials. When everything we try evaporates into more confusion. Remember if we continue to use either physically or mentally we will get the result that we always got? that is more confusion and hopelessness. This is not rocket science. Recovery is not based on our own understanding of our situation. If this were so we would continue in the ruts of life forever without hope of getting onto level ground.

The addictions talked about in the Bible were related in the understanding and language of the time as being “demons” that possessed the individual. To all those who are or have been afflicted, and who are literally possessed by the action of their behavior, whether it be with substances or the particular activity that they are engaged in, can relate to the presence of the power of Satan constantly urging them to seek more, of those fleeting moments of pleasure, only to find when coming down from their diminishing “rush,” a feeling of depression.

It doesn’t matter what the addiction, drugs, alcohol, gambling, relationships, etc., is to actively follow a Christian based 12-Step program. Christians in Recovery┬« has such a program, with very experienced moderators, who will help you through each Step.

While learning the art of “love,” which is the ultimate purpose in God’s plan for his children, you might want to work on getting your body back into shape. Although physical exercise is important there are other important things that you can do, especially while going through a Christian 12-Step program. For instance; How do you get a better night’s sleep? How can you eliminate self-doubt? How can you lower your cholesterol? What can you do about undue stress? How can you stop worrying all the time?

All of these areas of your health will aid you in re-connecting with God, and re-establishing a loving relationship with Him.

Each subject is to lengthy to include in this article but if you will let me know what interests you I would be most happy to talk with you. You can find me in the CIR General Recovery Meetings, as Jim1, most days. You can IM me there.

Thank you and I end this particular article with CIR’s Recovery thought for 4/5/08:
“As Christians, we look expectantly for the victory which awaits us. We are assured because the Holy Spirit prays within us and for us. In addition, God’s perfect purpose insures our triumph in and through all things.”