Goals of a Spiritual Champion

A businessman was plagued with distractions. At the end of the day, he faced a pile of unfinished work and felt like a failure.

The businessman hired a consultant who charged him a cool million then gave him a piece of organizational advice solving all his problems. “Set goals,” said the consultant, “and put them on your calendar. Each day, list mini-goals you need to accomplish to meet your main goals. Everything else comes second.”

Ever felt like this businessman? I have. We all fight an uphill battle and it is easy to burn out.

St. Paul describes our efforts as a race against time through an obstacle course to accomplish one main goal: to become like Christ (Hebrews 12) — obedient, faithful, patient, self-controlled, etc.

It is easy to get distracted. And tired.

With the prize of becoming more like Christ in view, what mini-goals can we set to become a spiritual champions and win “the prize set before us?”

You become like the company you keep so keep daily time alone with Jesus.
Isaiah rose early in the morning to seek the Lord. Daniel prayed three times a day. Jesus went alone to the mountains, and afterwards, could walk on water. Time alone with God is at least as important as eating.

Study the Word by memorizing portions of it.
If you consider memorization an old-fashioned idea, reread Psalm 1, the Psalm of spiritual champions. It emphasizes the transforming spiritual experience gained by hiding the Word in the heart for further meditation. The Word is the Bread of Life or refreshment for weary souls. Eat it. Thoroughly digest it.

Set a personal growth goal with an accountability partner.
Spiritual growth goals can be so difficult to quantify that some will not even try. Focusing on becoming more like Jesus in a certain area will bring progress. Find someone mature in faith to disciple you, to tell you the truth about yourself in love and pray with you that you might be healed (James 5).

Let me encourage you to prayerfully practice these mini-goals as you push toward the main goal: to become like Jesus. Don?t miss out on the unimaginably great prize God has in store for those cross the finish line.