The Decisions You Make are Important

Some people are indecisive, their favorite color is plaid! You ask them if they have trouble making decisions, and their response is ? Well, yes and no.”

I think our outcomes in life reflect– to a significant degree — our self concept. To put it in a simpler way, life generally delivers what we confidently expect. And those expectations flow from our decisions.

So, in a way, your decisions define you. They show how you really view yourself, your self concept, at a subconscious level. Think about it, each decision provides a way for you to express who you are to the world.

Successful people make decisions quickly and without regret. Other people let fear paralyze them, and spend far too much time second guessing themselves and thinking that they should have done…… something else.

There is also the simple realization that our purposes do change as time goes by, and that’s okay – in fact, it probably is good: we’re learning and progressing. So… we should be sure we are not stuck in the automatic pilot of an old process that does not give us the best results.

Life is filled with choices and decisions. Many of these are minor, but there are also times when we face difficult decisions. But even though good decision making is important when we face significant decisions, it’s also important to make good decisions all of the time.

As you think about appropriate decisions, consider the fact that many of your choices have consequences, certainly to yourself and possibly to others. As you think about decisions, consider three factors:

Responsibility. Some decisions are not really choices at all, but requirements, especially when attached to ones personal responsibility. As a parent you are responsible for the health and safety of you children. Especially consider who will be affected by your decisions, every decision we make impacts at least 7 others directly and who knows how many indirectly. Consider to whom you may be responsible. When it’s hard to say no, remember that it is only when you step back that others can step forward. Every time you say “yes,” it deprives another person of an opportunity. When you decline, it gives them a chance to serve, to learn, and to grow.

Spontanious vs Impetuous. Sometimes there’s no reason to not act on a whim or hunch or make a quick choice. It’s healthy to be spontaneous at times. On the other hand, acting without thinking can be impetuous and foolish. As you make decisions, think about the difference between being spontaneous and being impetuous. We give lip service to one thing, claiming it is a priority in our lives, yet we make decisions that detract us from the very thing we say is the most important to us.

Long Term Effects. Take into account that decisions you make now may have effects that stay with you a long time. Think about how difficult the decision will be to reverse if need be.

Every decision you make — every decision — is not a decision about what to do. It’s a decision about who you are. When you see this, when you understand it, everything changes. You can begin to see life in a new way, all events, and situations turn into opportunities to do something – right or wrong will be your decision.

Remember, where you are today is based on decisions you made in the past; where you will be tomorrow is based on decisions you make today. Take time and use wisdom to make those decisions good ones.