Benefits of Having a Meal Plan

Meal plans can play a vital role in eating disorder recovery. Regardless, some eating disorder sufferers resist obtain a meal plans. If you are one of them, please consider the benefits of having a meal plan.

While in the throes of an eating disorder, we lose touch with the appropriate amount of food to consume. Our perception of a healthy amount of food to eat in a day becomes distorted. Having a meal plan helps us to balance our food intake.

For those of you who tend to restrict your food intake, following a meal plan will help you get the nourishment you need. You may be afraid of your eating getting out of control, but a meal plan is a safe way to increase your food intake without going overboard. For those of you who have a tendency to eat too much, a meal plan will help you balance out your food intake without going to the other extreme.

By having a meal plan, you will learn what your body needs to be healthy. While you may have a goal to gain weight or to lose weight, it’s about more than that. It’s about giving your body the nourishment it needs so you can live a healthy and full life. It’s about seeing for yourself that balanced eating is nothing to be afraid of, but something that can enrich, or even save, your life.

In addition to the benefits of having a meal plan itself, seeing a dietitian or nutritionist gives you one more person on your support team. Be honest with him or her regarding how you feel about the meal plan as well as what works and doesn’t work for you. You never know if he or she will have some other suggestions for you.

God gives us one body here on this earth. He wants us to take good care of what a He has given us. I don’t say this to heap on the guilt. But please consider how you might feel closer to Him if you take better care of the body gave you. You could potentially not only place something in your life that will help you be a healthier person, but you may also be spiritually uplifted by doing so.

As you consider the benefits of having a meal plan, remember that it is not a diet. A meal plan represents a healthy habit, a new way of eating, so your body will get the nourishment it needs. Why not give it a try?