Addiction the Sin

Addiction is not just a moral defect of character we wish to be rid of. In the realm of religion, it is a mortal sin.

Do you feel that something is missing deep down in your soul? Do you feel an emptiness that you cannot explain – sometimes loneliness – even among many? Most people with substance abuse problems do.

In moments when we are most thoughtful about the meaning of life, there is a craving for something more. At its core, this is a longing to know or experience something or someone bigger than ourselves – “God”, a spiritual being.

Often, people try to fill this emptiness with things that aren’t always good for us – like alcohol, drugs, and sins of the flesh. However, none of these can fill this emptiness, or take away the inner loneliness.

What separates you from God? What causes that emptiness in your life? And finally, what causes you to use drugs? Could it be sin? The answer is most likely a “definite yes”. In my opinion, drugging and excessive drinking are sins. You may not believe it on one side of the coin; on the other side, you may believe it, but you have trouble accepting it. It makes no difference. When you get high you break God’s law, and that is where your life falters.

In today’s complex culture, many of us do not understand what sin means, or how addiction could be construed as a sin and a disease at the same time. It is common knowledge that anything that puts distance and uneasiness between you and God can be considered sinful. No matter how hard we try, none of us are able to live without sinning, and not only is substance abuse a sin, it often leads to more sin – lies, stealing, manipulation, laziness, and selfishness, just to name a few.

The Bible says; “For all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory” and “the wages of sin is death”. This is the priceā€¦this is the penalty. God has proclaimed that all of mankind is guilty. So why do we, as alcoholics and addicts, insist on adding to the list of sins with the act of substance abuse. Isn’t life hard enough with out it?