Prayer for Protection and Guidance

Oh Great an Wondrous Jehovah,
I slip into the mighty protection of Your hand.
Lord, forgive me for not trusting You with
the disappointments in my life.
Sometimes, I let all the little things add up
and rob the precious joy I find in You.
Help me to see when I put unreal expectations on
others, especially my friends and family.
It is harmful to us, affecting our relationships
in a negative way. Your Word teaches and gives me
wisdom for each and every day.

Time with You makes it possible to walk in the Spirit.
Show me all the little foxes running through my thoughts.
I confess You as my high tower and ever-present help in
time of trouble. I open my heart up for support,
refreshment, and strength. Lord, I love You as
my dearest friend and accept these words of instruction
and encouragement today. I submit to You in humility
of sacrificial praise and obedience. Come, Holy Spirit,
and fill me to running over with goodness, mercy,
and power to overcome. I receive all things,
with a heart of rejoicing, that my joy might be full.
In Jesus Christ’s mighty name I pray.