Serenity is on the Horizon

The following is dedicated to all of you who have worried in the past, to all of you who are presently worrying, and to those of you who will possibly be worrying in the future.

Everyone worries about something on a daily basis. No matter how small the problem may appear, constant worry can drain our lives of joy day after day. And there is not one of us who doesn’t desire to replace it with peace of mind. The question is, “How do we find serenity and integrate it into our lives?”

There was a time when I would use cocaine and alcohol to help me deal with situations that bothered me, worried me, or just got under my skin. And ninety-nine times out of a hundred I would stagger or feel my way home thinking that I had left my worries behind only to discover their reappearance the following morning. Sound familiar?

The mistake that I made was not remembering that I was not alone in my worries. Serenity was within my grasp for the taking. When all else failed, doing it my way, I put my trust in my Higher Power. The key word is “trust” – the idea of throwing one’s self down and casting all hopes for the present and future upon another, finding shelter and security there.

In today’s world, for example, we tend to trust in riches (security in finances). But riches are not secure. If you set your mind and heart on getting rich you may be disappointed with the results. Riches come and go, and often bring with them more worries. Unlike money, God is dependable. You do not have to lean on yourself when facing problems like addiction.

The human heart can be defined as a muscle that pumps blood throughout the body. But it is also considered a part of our “inner-being” or “inner-self”. It houses your intellect, emotions, conscience, personality and will. Each of these areas are potential danger zones which can block your prospective serenity. Holding back in any area of our mind, will, or feeling can awaken the monster called your “ego” (to edge God out).

Troubled waters? Everyone desires inner peace, but sometimes within ourselves, we create a troubled heart full of anxiety, mild depression, discontent, feelings, instability, doubt, and uncertainty. Friendly counsel is one way to gain serenity and ease the pain of a troubled heart. Seek a pastor, a sponsor, or a member of AA or NA who is equipped with the experience of wise counsel. Friends can be used by God to provide us with a sense of peace and calm assurance that is ours for the taking. Open up to the wisdom of friendly counsel when it is offered. Friends can tune into your troubles, listen to your words and feeling, and help to refresh your heart.