Soft Addiction and Accountability

The key to overcoming bad habits or a Soft Addiction is to take the time to learn how to become self-accountable. If a person is not held accountable for something, there is little motivation to change. We, who struggle with behavior addictions can relate to this problem. It is a main element of denial. It is getting into the habit of saying, Who, Me!

There s no getting around the habit of blaming or to hold everyone else and everything else accountable for all the bad things that happen to us. If we spill coffee on ourselves, as reported about the Denney s incident, some time ago. We want to sue someone. We want others to take the blame for our own stupidity, clumsiness, ignorance, and irresponsibility. I know those are harsh words, but being accountable is a fact that is born out of the choices we make in life.

We all need to read Proverbs 26:1-28. We can not get away from having to make choices. The choices we make are predictable, and making the right choices is vital if we hope to learn that accountability is not the end of life. You see, we are born into a life of struggle. In Geneses 3:10, the reference to being naked and I hid myself, are a good examples of being accountable.

Unfortunately, human nature often opens the door for us to become involved in what is can call “Soft Addictions.” These Soft Addictions sometimes puts in the path of temptation, even when we know better. Unfortunately we say, “Well, that is just our human nature , which, incidentally is the mother of all human behavior. But that’s not the “human nature” that God made in His image. Romans 7:21-25.

Soft Addictions can be activities, moods or ways of being, avoidance’s, and things-edible and consumable. Many soft addictions involve necessary behaviors like eating, reading, and sleeping. They become soft addictions when we overdo them and when they are used for more than for their intended purpose. When someone asks about your behavior or why you do these things, does our reasons sound like an excuse or a rationalization?

Without self accountability, we all too often accept our own justifications as to why we can’t change, or why we do things in lateral ways, or at a later time. We attempt to turn over a new leaf only to flip-back within a couple weeks. We make New Year resolutions that we discover that they take more effort, time, and devotion than we originally thought.

Read Proverbs 26:16 I have taken the liberty of giving the following interpretation of this Proverb. We all fall short when we are in power, and try to control every thing and everyone. We put the intent of the First Step aside – we commonly abuse this power at the very time that we should be admitting our inability to successfully control our own life, and not taking the time to learn how to become accountable; thereby discouraging virtue, and to acknowledge that how we behave is giving way to our very wrong and our very bad behavior.

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