1st Things First

  1. Learn what the 12 Steps are
  2. and work them one step at a time.

  3. Read and Download
  4. Get a sponsor or recovery buddy.
  5. You can ask for a temporary online sponsor until you find a real face to face sponsor. Post your request for a sponsor in the CIR Message Boards. Be persistent!! It takes time to find a good sponsor. Learn more about Sponsorship.

  6. Attend as many CIR meetings as you are able.
  7. Each meeting has its own personality so do not be discouraged if you don't "click" at the first one.
    Meeting Schedule

  8. See the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions
  9. about your problem.

  10. Find a local meeting
  11. and attend EVERY meeting. You can locate meetings in your area with this Database. If you do not find a meeting in the database, contact some of the ministries and organizations listed and they can help you to find a meeting.

    If there are no local meetings in your area, consider starting your own meeting. How to Start a Group

  12. Start a Journal
  13. - Click to learn more

  14. Get a recovery medallion
  15. inspirational card, key chain or stone to carry with you at all times. You will be amazed how these help in times of need. http://christians-in-recovery.org/store

  16. Get a recovery Bible
  17. These specially annotated for people in Recovery. READ IT. We recommend the following:

    Life Recovery Bible

    Life Recovery Bible Workbook

    Serenity: A Companion for Twelve Step Recovery

    (New King James Version- New Testament Psalms & Proverbs),
    by Dr. Robert Hemfelt and Dr. Richard Fowler,

    Recovery Devotional Bible

  18. Read all you can
  19. about your condition or dysfunctional behavior at RecoveryBooks.com

  20. Spend time in prayer
  21. communing with God.Ask Him to guide you. Ask for a willing and open heart that You will hear and follow His will for your life. Helpful Prayers

  22. Ask others to pray for you.
  23. Request prayer in the CIR Message Boards

  24. Learn from others and share
  25. your burdens on the CIR Message Boards

  26. Recovery Help for Pastors & Ministers
  27. Get some Self-Help Software

  28. Read
  29. the testimonies of other Christians who have recovered

  30. Get and read every day a daily recovery devotional.

  31. We suggest these:

    You can see additional suggestions here:

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