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Excuses Chart

This is a chart to help you with "excuses" that may be hindering your recovery. This is to be used in conjunction with the transcript of the Workshop on Excuses given by Rich Dixon.

The Scriptures on Abortion

What do the Scriptures have to say about abortion?

The Physician, The Pastor, Psychotherapy, and Counseling

A thorough discussion of the role of physicians and pastors in psychotherapy and counseling from a Biblical perspective.

The Gabriel: Issues 2011-Present

Save precious time and disk space - Get past issues of The Gabriel (from January 1999 though 2003) on CD or instant download.

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Winter 2017 Summer 2016

Unpublished NA 4th Step Guide

Unpublished Narcotics Anonymous 4th Step Guide.

Spiritual Warfare Handbook

This is a very good handbook on spiritual warfare.

Spiritual Warfare Primer

An excellent primer on spiritual warfare.

Addiction Help Guide

Written by Patrick from Spirtual River. In the words of the author:
[This ebook] will take you all the way from someone who is still blindly usingdrugs and alcohol, with no thought of quitting....all the way to living a full life in creative recovery

I believe in an approach to recovery that I call the creative theory. It is a bit different from "traditional" recovery which is typically 12 step programs such as AA and NA. My ideas are not completely incompatible with 12 step recovery, but I would challenge anyone who uses those programs to start thinking about creative recovery and how they can start pushing themselves to grow personally, without the accountability of a group conscience or a

Freedom from Homosexuality Study

Homosexuality is often promoted in pornography and is something that sex addicts frequently wrestle with. I’m writing from a Christian perspective primarily for people who love God and want to be free of homosexual desires. This information will also help people who know someone with gay tendencies or who want to understand what the Bible says about it.

Freedom From Masturbation Study

Masturbation is often that one topic that people (especially Christians) really don't like to talk about. It's not something that is just a male problem these days, as many women also secretly struggle with it as well. Our culture tells us that there is nothing wrong with masturbation, yet our conscience often tells us otherwise...

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