Thy Dwelling Place

Thy dwelling place
High throne of Grace
Beheld by some yet bound to earth

Thy courtyard green
Where gathered sing
Enraptured by Salvation's girth

The flag that flies
On azure skies
Denotes a country filled with Faith

While seething, scorched,
The teeming, torched,
Catch glimpses sent through Heaven's Gate.

A day anon
When, battle won,
Soldiers felled will fill the halls

The Chalice raised
Will toast the brave
And recompense all tattered souls

While streams of tears
That spanned the years
Transfigure to a merry brook

The foreign wars,
Unsettled scores,
Forgotten now the earth's been shook.

Envy (Self-Esteem & Shame)

It simmers in angst 'gainst any who steal
Attention, verve, ovation, praise,
It hungers to feel crescendoing zeal
And when deprived its hackles raise.

Unable to rest with unsettled scores,
Hapless, clapless, deeply annoyed,
Allies appear in gossip, half-truths
Searching the world for foes to destroy.

Reputations, torpedoed, fall
Amidst a din of warring words,
Slithering Envy, sated, slips
Unnoticed down a silent hall.

Its handiwork is plain to see,
How many Picassos, afraid to paint,
Bullied, shiver in shadows, reeds,
Bruised and battered, brushes castrate.

Discovery Avails (New Beginnings)

Discovery avails to every child,
Like a patient pedagogue, a ready repast,
A feast to fulfill the deepest foray
Of an appetite honed unseen, unlatched.

Air-filled lungs, a spank or two,
Peepers pop ope to a world awash
In color and sound and sights, all new,
Puzzles aplenty, questions unquashed.

Some journeys are brief, a day or less,
Some are quite long, some rough, some smooth,
Some are cut short on battlefields,
Some seem unfair, some lucky, some cruel.

Whatever your journey, whatever your path,
Whatever your travels as history builds,
Remember each day, when you open your eyes,
Discovery awaits, you're a child, be fulfilled.

Majesty Tapestry

Our lives are like threads
Weaving back and forth
Sometimes knotted
Sometimes spotted with painful hues
Sometimes imbued with Royal blood
Always connected.

From truth injected beyond memory
We feel the pull of unseen hands
To submit
For a time, diverge,
Then find the place where all threads converge
In a Tapestry of Majesty.

The End is a Beginning

The end is a beginning
In mystery, majesty,
In season
By travelers
Blown by the Wind
They yearn to begin
A life full of wonder
Renewed, like a child
Who enters the gate of a garden
And smiles.


And what did we inherit
From our fathers of the cave,
What did we to merit
All the riches found engraved
By hands awash in wonderment,
Awakened by the call,
Budding Michelangelos
In loincloths, painting walls.

And who of these made fire,
Which one bequeathed the wheel,
Which one rose up inspired
With culinary zeal?
Domesticating oxen,
Smelting copper, weaving cloth,
Advancing agriculture,
Making sculpture, who these brought?

And when they took their rest at night
From labors, when reposed,
With unpolluted skies above,
In lunar light enclosed,
Did ever they just lay awake
And wonder who they were,
While looking up at nature
Were their hidden passions stirred?

Rumi, Lincoln, Bach, Descartes
En route to their acclaim
All stood on shoulders, strong, engaged

It's No Joke

The world may laugh at "right" and "wrong",
Assuming it's a joke,
As Simpsons change the golden rule
To "Brother's eye I'll poke",
Many are the clever ways
To package corporate greed
So lemming-like consumers feel
Like dashing knights on steeds.
Bigger houses, bigger cars
Disguising psyches bearing scars,
Depression rates, divorces soar
But no one cares about the score.

Sometimes I wonder when this building wave
Will crash and spawn
A new appreciation for
The path we're really on,
Life is more than grabbing for
The latest, greatest buzz,
All the while enriching those
Who fill our brains with fuzz.
Bring the dawning, let it come,
Lord we sorely need the Son
Of Righteousness to heal our wounds,
Eclipse the madness, breach the tomb.

Lost Colony

A cryptic wind arose in idled hearts
And there sowed seeds with bent for distant toil,
The gravid quick abandoned native parts
And sought a way to route to foreign soil.
Who knew what gruesome dangers might arise,
They left beneath bright-bannered British skies.

The creaking ship, full loaded, battled storms
While men and women knelt below and prayed,
Dream did they of future, fairer morns
And fields with ample sustenance displayed.
They saw a chance to leave their past behind,
The chance became a sail and filled their minds.

With landfall came adventures unforeseen,
Fearsome foes eclipsed by withering drought,
The seeds that once fulfilled now failed their needs,
The wind of fortune changed, now blowing out.
And yet their hearts held hope the time would come

Beating the Monster Inside

ultimately I want to help other people with my writing
to beat the monster inside that we are constantly fighting
and hiding afraid to find someone for help to confide in
showing some true feelings for once in our life relying
on someone else feeling hopeless we're unable to solve this
problem living this life addicted and alcoholic
say what you want to say, call it what you want to call it
but I am who I am and that means I am involved
it's not a questions it's a fact this disease calls for devotion
to others sick like me powerless but still hopin'
for some light someone to fight prying their minds open
to recovery Higher Power providing that explosion
of emotion shown everything that we had took for granted
people we took advantage in this life we thought we managed

I Searched to Find a Touch from God

When I was lost and so alone,
my heart felt such despair.
I searched to find a touch from God,
Or just a friend to care.

Yet fear had built a wall of stone
Around my trembling soul,
And kept me from the path of hope
where God could make me whole.

I searched at church to try to find
Acceptance, love and hope,
But there I found folks just like me,
Deep pain with masks to cope.

One day I found in cyberspace
A haven safe and kind,
Where I could be just who I am
And share what's on my mind.

I grew by steps and then by bounds,
God's love became so real.
Becoming free by sharing pain,
My heart began to heal.

So thank you friends at CIR
For daring to reach out.
For caring and for sharing what
The Gospel's all about.

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