Can It Be?

And can it be
The canopy of God's blessings
Extends out to me,
Even me.

And What is Man?

And what is man
That you are mindful of him?
A fleeting breath
A whispered prayer
There...and then gone.
His days are numbered,
Joys can be few,
Perhaps you are mindful of him
So that, in kind,
His mind can be full of You.

What Would Happen, God?

Just what would happen, God,
If nations turned to you,
Loved like brothers, sisters,
Did as they'd have each do?

What if greed and gain
Resigned as highest quest,
What if each bare soul
Were seen as honored guest?

The courtrooms, echoed halls,
Would close for lack of use,
The homeless, hungry, heckled,
Would slip the stalking noose.

Veritas and valor
Could once more live in schools,
Replacing pulseless pallor,
Devitalizing rules.

Kids could fall asleep at night
Knowing in the morn
Their parents, married, kept the light
Of love safe through the storm.

It's just a dream, of course, I know,
And futile as the Wind
That blows throughout the world in hope
The madness would suspend.

Wilderness Living

On God's Green Earth I must confess
I much prefer the wilderness.
Cities, structured, hustling-bustling,
Dampen deep devotional rustlings.

Resound of pebble striking stream
Would disappear in cities' screams,
Subtly shifting shadows cast
Escape the urban blare and blast.

Then there are those, though corporate bound,
Crammed and jammed in crowded aisles,
Who yet are tuned to sweeter sound
That sifts through stunted, stifling styles.

Attention theirs is caught and held,
Tendered to a higher power,
Municipalities do their best
But fail all folk in final hour.

So whether jet or Walden Pond,
When you're immersed in worried ways,
Poseidon call bids you respond,
Kneeling, join the tide that prays.

Waters soon will lap your feet

God of Wonder

God of wonder
God of thunder
God who's under all we see

God of rising
Stripping down deceptive pleas

In our asking
Your unmasking
Makes us conscious of our state

Soon revealing
Sin congealing
Heal our hearts, renew our faith.

Everlasting to Everlasting

An awesome expanse by unrighteous unrippled
Senseless in sense that senses can't pry
The secrets
Souls defenseless, crippled
Crumple, defeated and fate decry.

The Last Laugh (Hope for You)

He gives hope to the hopeless
Life to the lifeless
Sight to the blind


Slippery hope
Snaking horizon
Passionately pursued
Difficult to hold.

If caught...what joy!
New vision! New life!
Vitality bursts
Quenches all thirsts.

But still, in feast,
A niggling doubt,
Will wriggling hope
Abruptly leave?

Hearts afire
Often doused
When death and loss
Their loved ones cleave.

Hope cocooned
Kept for this time
Released by incisions
Fate's cuts unkind.

It splits the horizon
That dams Life from death
Floods desert eyes
With visions of bliss.

No longer slippery
Or threatened by loss
This Hope is alive
Though death exhaust.

In the Blink of an Eye

Like shade being drawn, the world disappeared,
Plunged into blackness severe, surreal,
Panic ensued as anxiety veered
Upward, invoking God's mercy to shield.
Formerly vision-filled beauty I'd glossed,
Roses and riches and unworldly wares,
Came back to haunt this detestable dross,
Spectres that hinted of light unimpaired.
Gone were the moments when wakening dawn
Lit up the pupils assembled to see
How meshing morning and meekness could spawn
An orchestral feast illumined by Thee.
But just when the last ray was softened, chinked,
I opened my eyes and found that I'd blinked.


In Grace

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