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Healing Relationships

Is an important relationship broken? Learn important principles on how to rebuild it in a godly manner.

Coping as a Woman in Today's Society

Come to terms with the complexities of a world that is giving mixed signals about what a woman should be.

Coping as a Man in Today's Society

Learn what the Bible says about a man's role in the family and society today.

How Can I Overcome Worry?

Is worry and anxiety...even panic...overwhelming you? Learn how to overcome these using Biblical principles.

Why Does Violence Happen?

have you or a loved one been affected by violence? Learn why it happens and how to overcome its ramifications.

Identifying Dangerous Cults and Religious Groups

How can you tell if a religious group is a cult or if it is dangerous? Here are some answers.

How Parents can Find Peace of Mind

Are you worried about your children? Learn how to find peace of mind.

How to Determine God's Will for You

Do you need help finding out what God's will is for you? Here are some answers:

I Confess My Sins. Why Don't They Go Away?

It seems like I am always confessing my sins and yet they never go away. What am I doing wrong?

This is a really loaded question, especially since we are not perfect individuals and we are all sinners. We will always have sin in our life and we will sin. But this certainly doesn't mean that some of us are not good people. It means that we don't understand the logistics of sin and how it all works in our life.

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How do I start a Christian recovery group in my area?

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