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Why Read The Bible?

Why do you read the Bible?

I suppose answers vary with individual needs and life’s seasons. At different moments we seek knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, comfort, and guidance.

When I thought through this idea (I actually do that occasionally) I wondered if there was a single, best, right answer. Since The Bible Is About God I was going to offer something profound like “…acquiring a better, more intimate knowledge of God” (thanks Clark).

It’s always comforting to have a nice, tidy answer to such a complex question, even if it’s far too simplistic.

Think You Can't Read the Bible in a Year?

Think You Don't Have Time to Read the Entire Bible in a year? Think again!

I was a bit daunted at the thought of reading the entire Bible together with my CIR friends and family this year. How will I ever find the time? Well, it takes about 20 minutes per day. You can also listen to the Bible in your car, while doing housework or chores.

Audio Bible prices are VERY reasonable. These are entire Bibles:

The NKJV Word of Promise: Complete Audio Bible On MP3 CD-ROMs
Christians in Recovery highly recommends this!

Memorize 10 Commandments in 5 Minutes

Click on the arrow in the center of the picture:

Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart

Psalm 119:11 says, I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. How can we hide God’s Word in our heart? I memorize Scripture to hide it in mine.

Some people insist they are too old to memorize God’s Word. They say they could when they were younger but not any more. Our memory may not function as quickly as it did when we were younger, but it still functions.

Several steps for Scripture memory have worked for me. Here are a few of them:

  • Write the verse on Post-um notes and put it on your refrigerator, the bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, and on your desk.
  • Write the passage on a 3 x 5 inch lined card in a mini spiral notebook.
  • Set a timer on the hour and recite the verse to yourself.

The 10 Commandments - Amazing and Little Known Facts!

Test what you know about the Ten Commandments:

Click on the button in the middle of the picture.

The Runner's Bible Devotional

In the early A.A. days, the days of the Alcoholics Anonymous Christian Fellowship that Bill W. and Dr. Bob founded in June of 1935, morning quiet time, the use of daily devotionals, and looking to God for guidance were required. These were the Christian A.A. days. Basic solutions to the problems of A.A. members were drawn from the Bible. And morning quiet time—Bible study, prayer, seeking God’s guidance, discussion, and the use of devotionals—was the tool used to get in touch with God, thank Him, ask Him, and believe Him.

Bible Study FAQ

These are frequently asked questions (and the answers!) about studying the Bible.

How to Profit from Reading the Bible

How to take profit in reading of the holy Scriptures.

Whosoever mindeth to take profit by reading Scriptures, must:

1. Earnestly and usually pray unto God that he will vouchsafe to:

Bible Versions Explained

This is an effort to briefly describe some available versions of the Holy Bible.

The following Bibles are specially annotated for the recovering Christian and are an essential tool for recovery.

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