Am I a Sex Addict?

Questions to ask Yourself:

    1. Were you sexually abused as a child or adolescent?

    2. Have you regularly purchased sexually explicit magazines?

    3. Did your parents have trouble with sexual behavior?

    4. Are you often preoccupied with sexual thoughts?

    5. Do you believe that your sexual behavior is not normal?

Sex, Love & Porn Addiction FAQ

Those who are dealing with Sex, Love & Porn Addiction (SLA) and/or Same Sex Attraction (SSA) often believe that God has abandoned them.

There is an incredible tug of war within. One side of the individual wants desperately to do God's Will while the other side aches for intimacy. Inner turmoil reigns between passion and Godly living. It is easy to feel as if one is drowning in a sea of emotions and no help is on the horizon. It seems an endless struggle with no where to go for consolation and strength. One feels a victim of addiction and/or attraction. Frustration leads to feelings of futility. This futility kindles feelings of self-hatred and guilt as well as anger at God.

How does a Christian handle temptation?

How does a Christian handle temptation?

If I have an addiction, can I still be saved?

If I have an addiction, can I still be saved?

Yes! We are not called to perfect ourselves before we come to God. If we could do that, then Jesus could have spared himself the agony of dying of the cross in payment for our sins. He would have simply instructed us to live sin-free lives. He knew, though, that man is utterly incapable of cleansing himself, as demonstrated throughout the Old Testament.

How can I be free from Pornography?

How can I be free from pornography?

Pornography is one of the most difficult sins to overcome since it appeals to a person's base instincts. As with any sin or habit, breaking it will not be easy. But, there are some practical steps you can take while the Holy Spirit works on you from the inside.

Sex & Love Addiction Step Zero

Sex, Love and Porn Addiction Worksheet for Step 0 (before the First Step).

Five Super Strategies for Recovery Workshop - Transcript

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Obie-host> Our guest speaker tonight is Shelley Lubbin. She will share
with us Super Strategies that God taught her to overcome sex addiction
and homosexuality

Pornography and the Pulpit Workshop- Transcript

note: Members can discuss this workshop in the Message Boards HERE

Obie-host: Good evening and welcome to the latest workshop hosted by Christians in Recovery. Tonight our guest speaker is Richard Nevard. He is the author of "Pornography and the Pulpit: Understanding the Sins of the Shepherd as a Means of Restoration"

Freedom From Masturbation Study

Masturbation is often that one topic that people (especially Christians) really don't like to talk about. It's not something that is just a male problem these days, as many women also secretly struggle with it as well. Our culture tells us that there is nothing wrong with masturbation, yet our conscience often tells us otherwise...

Sexual Purity Guidelines

A great help not only to our daughters but to the young men wanting to date them. Specific guidance and principles (not just rules). Helps to deepen our relationship, opens communication and creates healthy accountability.

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