Parenting and God's Law

Historically and Biblically, the family is the central institution in law and in society. Although we do not think of the family normally as a lawmaking body, the family is nonetheless the basic lawmaking body in all history. Every point of power and authority is also a point of law, and, historically, family law has been the basic law of mankind. In any society or institution, there are basic rules of conduct, and these rules of conduct constitute its law structure.


Ask anyone in my family and they’ll tell you that I don’t watch a lot of television on my own, and I do so reluctantly when other family members have “the box” on. I have personally ruined many a show for my children (and husband) over the years, as I was quick to point out the unbiblical worldview being presented or an obvious violation of one or more aspects of God’s holy law-word. That said, there is an adage I have repeatedly heard that goes something like this: Everything is good for something, even if it is just to serve as a bad example.

The Foundation of the Christian Curriculum

Let’s say you wanted to prepare an ambassador for diplomatic service. What would be involved?

For starters, you would ensure that the candidate was well versed in the ideology and practices of your country and was prepared to discuss, defend, and promote your nation’s interests in the country where he was going to serve. Selections would be made on the basis of those who were in wholehearted agreement with your country’s goals and purposes, and verified so as to ensure loyalty when living in that foreign culture. You would make sure that anyone sent out was additionally versed in the culture and perspectives of the destination country to be able to conduct the duties and responsibilities of the calling effectively and productively.

Community Education: How to Impact Your Town with Christian Education

Dr. Gary North once stated, “Protestant fundamentalist Christians have their eyes on the sky, their heads in the clouds, their hearts in Egypt, and their children in government schools.”

A Bible Preference for Homeshooling?

History shows that nearly every nation has ultimately caved in to a very counter-intuitive (satanic?) temptation: That the only sensible way for 4 and 5-year-old children to begin their life-education journey is that they be ripped away from the care of Mom and Dad at home and turned over to "professional specialists" in state-controlled classrooms. Over time, a second fallacy took shape: That the teaching of academics is a more important, more difficult undertaking than training youth in God's spiritual basics. This latter task, apparently, is something "easily done at home on a 'whenever' basis." Regrettably, these two personal and culture-crippling myths now prevail in spite of centuries of evidence to the contrary.

Tears of Joy

This morning when I was at Wal-Mart, something wonderful and miraculous happened that brought tears of joy flowing down my cheeks. I could barely talk because I was so overwhelmed with the love that I saw that I was in awe. The past two weeks a lot of ants have gotten into my trailer. I have scrubbed everything where I saw them and yet some of them were still here last night.

As I went down the aisle this morning where the ant traps are displayed, I saw a little girl about seven or eight years old with a man who I assumed was her dad. Her dad was looking at some things and was getting frustrated and a little upset because he couldn’t find what he wanted. He looked like he was going to say something unkind any minute.

Understanding Verbal Abuse and Anger

Understanding Verbal Abuse and Anger

How Parents can Find Peace of Mind

Are you worried about your children? Learn how to find peace of mind.

The S.H. U. Factor: Teaching Our Children Well

To deal with the most violent and incorrigible inmates in our nation's prisons, the Department of Corrections has created the Security Housing Unit (S.H.U.). The SHU is an isolation program for prisoners, locking them up in small cells 23 to 24 hours a day for years at a time, under conditions that cause many to experience physical and psychiatric problems. These are the one's who just haven't been able to understand that murder, slinging dope, and preying upon the weak is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. When looking at their booking photo and reviewing their criminal records, it may be difficult for society to see the human side of these individuals.

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