Obtaining a Meal Plan

While in eating disorder recovery, it is often helpful to obtain a meal plan. Some with eating disorders suffer serious health consequences that sometimes even become life threatening. Meal plans can help to restore their health, and in some cases, even play a part in saving their lives. Even so, some eating disorder sufferers resist obtaining them. If you feel hesitant yourself, please know that obtaining a meal plan can help you get back in control. Also, please know that a meal plan can be made to fit you as an individual.

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Copyright by Laurie Glass.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Laurie Glass is the author of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders.
She is a recovered anorexic who holds a Master of Ministry degree
in Christian Counseling. She mentors those with eating disorders
and writes about Christian eating disorder recovery. See Laurie's
website Freedom from Eating Disorders

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