ACOA Fantasies

1. That I can control my emotions.

2. That I can control someone else's emotions or actions or thoughts.

3. That I deserve:

. . .to get something good.

. . .to get something bad.

. . .to be punished for mistakes.

. . .to be rewarded for perfection.

. . .to be rewarded for good behavior, intentions, thoughts, feelings, whatever.

4. That I can "make" sense out of anything. ("Making" sense is not the same as "discovering" sense.)

5. That I am responsible for

. . .for outcomes.

. . .for other people's feelings, thoughts or actions.

6. That I am not responsible for my own actions��that it is all someone else's fault.

7. That my feelings have to be acted on. (e.g., when I'm afraid, I should attack or flee.)

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