One Day at a Time

Weary Yet Pursuing

Then Gideon and the 300 men who were with him came to the Jordan {and} crossed over, weary yet pursuing. Judges 8:4, NASB(emphasis added).

The story about Gideon and his meager band of men defeating a massive enemy gathering is always inspiring to me. First, I’m reminded that no battle is ever won in my own strength. Second, I’m encouraged by the fact that nothing is impossible with God.

Where is Your Faith?

Over the last eighteen years, I've been privileged, to be able to share my Spiritual experience to a vast number of people from all walks of life. I, like many of my readers struggle with everyday issues of life and in no way do I ever want to project a holier than thou persona.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

There are two days in every week about which we should not worry;
Two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension.


I will be the best that I can be

Tomorrow is tomorrow and yesterday is gone
But Today is mine, and I am His
And I can only be what I am

So, yesterday I fell
Today, look at me
My feet are under me
I'm taking a step
One step at a time
One day at a time

I will be the best that I can be

And when Tomorrow becomes Today
I can look back on Yesterday
and smile.

~ Anonymous

How Important are Your Plans?

Proverbs 19:21 NRSV
The human mind may devise many plans, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will be established.


Proverbs 19:19-20 NRSV
A violent tempered person will pay the penalty; if you effect a rescue, you will only have to do it again. Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom for the future.

Anger, control, and fear all go together. Trust, patience, and kindness go together. However, they rarely mix. In other words, when we are angry or fearful, it is likely that we will be patient or kind.

Are You Tending Your Garden?

Recovery is much like tending our own garden. A garden needs water, fertilizer, sunshine, good soil and a lot of attention by the gardener. We, as Christians and recovering people need:

  • the water of prayer, meditation, and communing with God
  • the fertilizer of fellowship
  • the "Sonshine" of resting in Him (letting go and letting God)
  • the rich soil of God's Word in which to firmly anchor our roots. Not only must we read the Word but we must *understand* it and *actively apply* it to our own lives. Roots must be anchored in the soil, they must take up the nourishment and then send it to the entire system of the plant so it may flourish.
  • a lot of attention by us, as our own gardeners, to remove all weeds that appear.


    One night a man had a dream, and in his dream he reviewed the footsteps he had taken in his life. He looked and noticed that all over the mountains and difficult places that he had traveled, there was one set of footprints... but over the plains and down the hills, there were two sets of footprints, as if someone had walked by his side.

    He turned to Christ and said, "There is something I don't understand. Why is it that down the hills and over the smooth and easy places you have walked by my side; but, here over the tough and difficult places, I have walked alone; for I see in those areas there is just one set of footprints."

What can I do about my serious financial problems?

What can I do about my serious financial problems?

This is an all-too-common question. I don't know exactly what has caused your financial distress, but for many people, the ever-present credit card, the clamor to acquire bigger and better, and a lack of self-control have put many people in this situation. Add unexpected medical problems, lay-offs, and business failures to that list, and you'll see why it is a wonder that anyone can stay financially afloat these days.

Tips on How to Journal

What is a Journal?
A journal is simply a place where you write down your thoughts, important ideas or events that you want to remember.

A Spiritual Journal is where you record the important spiritual truths you learn each day and do not want to forget. A Spiritual Journal is not a record of your daily activities, it is a record of what you believe God is teaching you.

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