Step 4 - Same Sex Attraction Questions (about adulthood)

Questions dealing with same sex attraction and adulthood to help with Step 4.

Step 4 - Same Sex Attraction Questions (Mostly about Adolescence)

Worksheet to help with same sex attraction. These questions deal mostly about the adolescent period of life.

Step 4 Excel Spreadsheet

If you use Excel, you will find this Spreadsheet for Step 4 to be of value when working the step.

Step 4 Inventory

You will find this worksheet very helpful for taking your Step Four Inventory.

Step 10 Checklist

This checklist is very helpful for working Step 10.

Putting Off Old Habits and Putting On New Habits - Worksheet

In order to change one’s life it is necessary to put off or eliminate unwanted behaviors. But these released behaviors may leave a vacuum that begs for the old behaviors to reestablish themselves in the person. Therefor it is essential to replace unwanted behaviors with a corresponding desired behavior.

Two Week Inventory

This worksheet will help you with your inventory for two weeks. You can use it for unlimited two week periods!

Impediments & Facilitators in Recovery - Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to define the impediments to your recovery and the things that will help your recovery. Learn to identify activities, people, places and things enhance or hinder your recovery.

Definitions and Applications Worksheet

Use this worksheet to clarify your understanding of various recovery concepts and how to apply them to your life.

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