The Heart of Addiction

You will find biblical tools to help you examine your heart's motives at the root of your addiction and/or dysfunctional behavior.

Learn how you can experience true freedom.

This book is helpful for ANY type of addiction:
drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex, shopping, lust, porn, etc.

The Heart of Addiction $13.95 Special Price! only $11.99

A Biblical perspective of addiction that shows you how to overcome and live a life of freedom from the bondage of addiction. Learn how to be an "overcomer," not just a "coper." This book will teach you how to distinguish between what the world terms a "disease" and what Scripture demonstrates is a life-dominating sin nature problem. Find freedom today! Soft Cover, 256 pages
The Heart of Addiction Workbook $8.95 Special Price! only $7.99

Reinforces lessons and instructs you how to implement the principles found in The Heart of Addiction Book. Soft Cover

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