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Getting the Most from CIR

Never forget that YOU are Christians in Recovery. You make up this network of recovering Christians who share with, uphold and pray for one another.

By wallowing in self-isolation accomplishes nothing. Some people choose to use CIR solely for their own benefit, taking from the community but never giving back. They want all the benefits without sharing responsibility. In the end these are the ones who get the least out CIR, for it is in giving that we receive.

As Christians in recovery we encourage, forgive, respect, serve and honor one another. We bear one another's burdens and strengthen one another. It is in genuine, heart-to-heart sharing as believers that we build fellowship. We are honest about who we are and what is transpiring in our lives. We are not afraid to ask one another for prayer or the spiritual support we need. We fellowship through:

Heart of CIR Community
The heart of the CIR Community and center of fellowship are the chat rooms and Message Boards.
Make the CIR Message Boards your homepage so you can keep up to date with your CIR friends. It is easy to do:

CIR Not Meeting Your Needs?
You have the option to change the direction of the discussion with your questions, comments, input etc. Tell us in the Message Boards, in meetings, Feedback etc. what your needs are. Explain what is on your heart. CIR is you and each other person who participates. Remember we are honest about who we are and what is transpiring in our lives.

Handbooks to Help You Help Others
The Billy Graham Christian Workers Handbook
This "Handbook" was compiled by the Christian Guidance Department of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to help you help others from a biblical perspective. Topically arranged for quick reference.
Online Version
Friendship Counseling: Jesus' Model for Speaking Life-Words to Hurting People
by Kevin Huggins

REMEMBER! You MUST NOT offer advice or counsel people. You can offer spiritual support and pray for one another. Feel free to share one another's experience, strength and hope. You are not trained to counsel or advise people. CIR and its members do not engage in providing individualized professional services or counseling and should not be used or regarded as a substitute for such services.

If someone you are communicating with needs professional help tell them to seek it. Point them to the Online Database of ministries, groups, meetings & organizations:

Suicide National Hotline (USA) 1.800.SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
National Suicide Hotline (USA) 1-888-248-2587
Other 800 Numbers & Hotlines

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