Christians in Recovery® Sponsorship

The Christians in Recovery® (CIR) site is visited by thousands of Christians and people in recovery. Users have praised the CIR site for helping them and their families.

Your group will get the exposure you need and benefit by becoming a sponsor. Your ad will reach a very targeted audience: Christians and People in Recovery. Sponsorships are available to any Recovery group or organization, Christian ministry, Christian-based web site, or business that upholds Christian values. Each sponsor is subject to approval.

Here are the different ways to sponsor Christians in Recovery®

Advertise on all pages of the web site - Full Color, 150 X 40 pixels

    $250 per month, flat fee. If you prepay for 6 months the cost is only $150 per month.

    Your banner will be placed on all of the most visited levels of our site. Christians as well as secular individuals who are deeply interested in recovery will learn about your group. Your cost is less than .00125 cents per exposure! Space is limited on our front page and banners are placed on a first come, first serve basis.

Sponsor CIR Newsletter

    $90 per month. Pre-pay for 6 months and it is only $50 per month.
    The CIR News is read by 5,000 subscribers each month.

Start getting increased traffic to your site today. Sponsor CIR by filling out the form below and submitting it online. Payment must be made prior to placement of your banner on the CIR web site. You can get your banner on our website today by filling out this form:

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