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Please do not be intimidated by all of this information. You may want to print it out for future reference.
Chat and meetings are not to be confused with group therapy or professional counseling sessions. They are solely for you to share one another's personal experience, strength and hope.

All CIR meetings are scheduled. You can chat informally any time you like. The chat rooms are open 24 hours a day and are available to you to use as a "safety net." If you need immediate support and encouragement, set a time to meet with another CIR member in the chat rooms. These are YOUR chat rooms. Use them for the glory of God.


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Chat Room Greeter Information

Our members are encouraged to be CIR Chat Room Greeters (especially if you spend a lot of time online). You can log into the CIR chat rooms and then go off and do your normal surfing. When someone enters the rooms you greet new people, help them find their way around CIR, answer questions and pray with or for those who need some encouragement. You are available to new members of CIR who just want to talk in a safe atmosphere. You are a greeter and not a counselor or advisor. You are not expected to solve peoples problems or spend endless hours talking with others. It is your job to keep the chat room free from inappropriate or abusive behavior and to make sure the Chat Guidelines & Etiquette are followed by all.


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