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I am writing this message as an appeal to those who have received so much from Christians in Recovery’s ministry over the years.

This past year, after her diagnosis with cancer, Obie (the Executive Director of CIR) approached me and asked if we could bring Christians in Recovery aboard as a program of TechMission. I believe in her ministry as I’ve been in recovery for 18 years and also I saw what cancer did to my own mother, so I told her we would be glad to help in whatever way we could. I explained to her that TechMission was financially challenged as our budget has decreased from $2 million to $500,000 and we’ve had to cut all our staff.

This past year, TechMission’s role has mainly been to provide accounting for CIR, but we have not had any funds to provide them. Moving CIR under the umbrella of TechMission may have caused some people to think that TechMission was providing funding for CIR, thus thinking they didn’t need to donate any more. TechMission does NOT provide any funding for CIR.

So far in 2014, donations to CIR are one-third of what they were in 2013. Because of that, there have been three months so far this year that there have not been funds to pay Obie. If donations do not increase, then Obie will make less than $10,000 this year. 100% of all that you give will go to CIR as a program rather than TechMission overall.

Since 1992, Obie and many volunteers have poured their lives into Christians in Recovery. What most of you may not realize is Obie has worked 60-80 hours a week on the ministry, her pay has typically been between $10,000 and $15,000.

I write all this as an impassioned appeal to ask you to please consider giving online to Christians-in-Recovery. We are all doing what we can to get by. I know that people with such big hearts like Obie often are more comfortable giving help than asking for it, so I’m trying to come alongside her and ask for your help on her behalf. If possible, we ask that you consider giving a recurring monthly donation.

Please make a donation now:

Thank you for your consideration.

Andrew Sears
Executive Director, TechMission
President, City Vision College
(617) 282-9798 then 101 (office) | (816) 256-8471 (fax) |

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