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Do You Believe?

Friday, December 25th, 2009

“This is the work of God,
that you believe in Him whom He sent” (John 6:28-29).

A woman once went to the late Rev. E.V. Hill and asked him to pray for her because the devil was after her. The kind but wise pastor told her that the devil was not after her, as she hadn’t done enough for God to get the devil’s attention.

Interesting statement, in light of the fact that Jesus told us that the only thing we are really called to DO as Christians is to believe in Jesus, the One sent by God.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? However, the truth is that many people claim to believe in Jesus when, in fact, they don’t. Oh, they may believe He came as a Babe, born in a manger. They may go so far as to believe that His Father is God. They may believe He was crucified and even that He rose from the dead. But is that enough? Is that the sort of faith Jesus was talking about when He explained the “work of God” that is required of those who call themselves believers?

No. It’s not enough, for the Scriptures tell us in James 2:19 that “even the demons believe” that much—and more, for unlike many of us, they at least tremble at the thought!

Rev. Hill no doubt wanted this woman to understand what we all need to grasp—that “faith without works is dead” (James 2:20). In other words, if what we SAY we believe does not govern how we actually live, then perhaps we don’t really believe it.

Jesus came to earth to do more than set a good example for us; He came to pay the required price to restore mankind to relationship with God. The birth, death, and resurrection of Christ are necessarily joined together. Christmas and Easter are forever intertwined. That is the kind of faith that God calls us to as we remember and celebrate the birth of His Son during this Christmas season. It is the kind of faith that puts the devil on alert and makes him nervous. He doesn’t care how much we spout off about what we believe unless, indeed, we actually live out that faith, just as our Savior who went before us, living out His connection to the Father as He willingly hung on the cross. It’s the kind of faith that goes beyond the manger and tomb, climaxing in Resurrection.

And when we walk in that kind of faith, there will be nothing the devil—or anyone/anything else—can do to derail us, for the victory has already been won.

Merry Christmas, beloved, and may you celebrate in such a way that the devil trembles…and all heaven rejoices!

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