Hunting Wealth Too Eagerly?

He who loses godliness to gain gold–is a great cheater of himself.

Keep yourselves entirely for Christ. Live above the world. Its goods will come to you–when you do not bid too high for them. If you hunt the butterfly of wealth too eagerly–you may spoil it by the grasp with which you secure it!

When earthly things are sought for as the main object, they are degraded into rubbish, and the seeker of them has fallen to be like Bunyan’s man with a muck-rake, turning over a dunghill to find nothing. Set your heart on nobler things than lucre! Let us so live that it will be safe for God to add to us the blessings of the present life; but that can only be done with safety, when we have learned to keep the world under our feet.

Charles Spurgeon, “A Good Start!”

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